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I love stars as you might have already understood from the banner on my blog and etsy shop and I wanted to design my own special star.

A soft, smooth star with no ribs or seams in the middle of the pentagon surface. After struggling a while thinking about the most original and complex ways to build the perfect geometry of my beloved star – challanging centuries of mathematical discoveries –  I finally came up with an easy and quick pattern which served the purpose very well.

© Federicaknits

© Federicaknits

You can use the star as a pin, a decoration for a hair band, a bracelet and a keyring. In summer you could add it to your seaside bag or protection cream pouch to keep you company in your summer holiday.

At Christmas you could seam the two sides with some sparlink yarn and add some beads and you will have your personalized and handmade Christmas tree decorations.

You can find it on Ravelry or Etsy.

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I started getting information on the yarn shops and the knitting life in New York City a month ago.

I hadn’t boutght the tickets yet and I still did not know the exact dates for my trip to NYC, nevertheless I thought it would have been nice to introduce myself to the NYC knitters and start getting some information on the yarn shops I could have not missed.

So….I joined the Ravelry Group NEW YORK CITY KNITTERS and I received loads and loads of advices on the shops to visits, hotels to stay and websites to find my way around the Big Apple (in particular Hop Stop which gives you subway directions entering the departure and arrival location).

Thank you very much to all of you NYC Ravelers…in particular, ,,,,,,,for your usuful suggestions!

I hope to meet you in NYC! (I will be arriving 26th June ….)

Here is a link to NYC Timeout’s suggestions for  ‘The best NYC craft stores

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Vartical Waves Baby Blanket - TurquoiseLe copertine mi sono sempre piaciute e regalarle ai bimbi dei miei amici mi riempie di gioia, per me è come se gli stessi regalando un tenero e caldo abbraccio che li coccola quando sono immersi nei loro sogni.

Il modello della copertina Vertical Waves Baby Blanket è stato pensato in particolare per Luciana (nel colore violetto) e Daniel (nel colore turchese) ed è realizzato con il filato Alligalli della Effe-Elle riproducendo un motivo a onde verticali. Il bordo è stato lavorato e parte in modo da formare una serie di fori tutto intorno alla copertina dove è possibile inserire il nastro di raso.

Il modello è disponibile su Etsy e Ravelry!

Vertical Waves Baby Blanket - Grape VioletI have always loved baby blankets and giving them as a present to my friends’ newborns fills me with joy as to me is like if I could hug them in a tender and warm hug cuddling them when they are dreaming in their sleep.

The pattern Vertical Waves Baby Blanket has been designed in particular for Luciana (in grape violet) and Daniel (in turquoise) with the Alligalli yarn by Effe-Elle reproducing vertical lacy wavy lines. The border is knitted separately and it shows holes along the length so that you can insert a ribbon all around the blanket.
The pattern is available at my Etsy shop & Ravelry!

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