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After months trying to resist to Twitter (I knew I would have loved it and I have already many distractions which slow down my knitting activities) I have created my Twitter account and I have already spread the word to EtsyKnitters Team!

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WWKIP 2009 in Pisa

We had our WWKIP 2009 in Pisa, Italy on Saturday 13th June at the yarn local shop ‘Sheep Shop’.

It was so nice, we really had fun. Luciana, the shop owner, was really kind and helped us set the tables and chairs. We brought with us some of the works done and the baby knit wear our group (Knittable – knittable.blogspot.com) knitted for the babies who are living in the tents after the terrible earthquake that occurred 6th April 2009 in L’Aquila, Abruzzo, Italy (We are going to send them to Rosella, who lauched and coordianted the initiative “A Blanket for the Kids in Abruzzo”) . I want to point out that the Italian fancy yarn company Effe-Elle sent us 20 kg. of beautyfull yarnto knit this stuff. Thank ou Carlo and Massimo!

Although the WWKIP 2009 has been widely promoted in town on-line, on the press and radio not many new people turned up by many others passed by and where really happy to get to know that the is a group of knitters who meets on Thursdays in town!

Some photographs

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Have you ever hear of the ‘Sciarpa Infinita’?

The ‘Endless Scarf’ is the scarf that the Knit Cafè in Florence at the shop Essère started 2 years ago. They have knitter knitted and crocheted and crocheted (the scarf has two ends one is knitting the other crochet) and they have promoted it and asked for help to all the knitters and crocheters they have bumped into and little by little the ‘Endless Scarf’ has become so famous that journalists have written articles about it, TV programmes have hosted it on their show and exhibitions have created a space for it to allow people to knit their bit.

Last Saturday Knittable, the Knit Cafè in Pisa, Italy has hosted the Endless Scarf during the session of knitting that has given start to our June appointments in the context of Giugno Pisano. Ilaria Tolossi from Essère, the Knit Cafè in Florence has taken with her the Endless Scarf carrying the huge pink suitcase containing it to the Lungarno Pacinotti where we have laid the scarf on the parapet of the Arno River.

It was fun, people started looking at us trying to understand what was going on and after a few minutes ladies passing by stopped, amused, to knit and crochet their bit.

The scarf is more than 100 meters long!

Thank you very much Ilaria!

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Etsy Treasury West - I do, I did, I'd do it again!

Etsy Treasury West - I do, I did, I'd do it again!

I am so excited the Gold and Ivory Wedding Ring Cushion I knitted for the Etsyknitters Team ‘Ido2009’ challange has been chosen in a Treasury! It is my first item in a T….WOW WOW WOW…..sorry for the crazy reaction but I couldn’t keep it to myself…..in fact I have bothered all my friends asking to click the page.

Thank you to all of you and in particular to Nikki who selected the Gold and Ivory Wedding Ring Cushion for the Treasury!

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ido2009 - Etsy Knitters TeamFor the 2nd year in a row, the Etsy Knitters Team, an international group of talented and successful knitters, has challenged its members to create items that represent the love and beauty of a wedding through the art of knitting.

Throughout the month of June 2009, members of the Etsy Knitters Team will present handmade wedding items to the public through Etsy.com. These items will encompass a wide range of wedding finery including bridal accessories, traditional wedding fare and even special items for the honeymoon. The stipulation to each member is “If you can dream it and it can represent the art of knitting, then one is encouraged to partake in the ‘I Do’ Wedding Challenge.”

The catalyst for the Etsy Knitters Team’s ‘I Do’ wedding challenge was Etsy.com’s Handmade Wedding Series. Rather than participate individually, the team felt that they could be more successful promoting their hand knit wedding items if they collaborated. After countless hours of designing and knitting, the Etsy Knitters Team is proud to present the ‘I Do’ Wedding Challenge.

To search for challenge items, please type in the words “ido2009” and “etsyknitters team” into Etsy’s search engine or click here.

Members will be listing their offerings to the challenge throughout the entire month. Each item will include the special ‘I Do 2009” Wedding Challenge graphic as the 5th photo. Be sure to visit Etsy and search often.

For more information, please visit our blog at http://etsyknitters.blogspot.com.

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